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New project 2022 for Investor #chiangmairealestate #chiangmaicondo #Benefits that #investors will receive
1. Elite card 5 years 1 card per 1 right
2. Accident insurance Health insurance with leading insurance companies received treatment at the 1st floor hospital Throughout the period of 4 years
3. The house is a 2-storey townhome with 2 bedrooms, living area of ​​​​150 sq m. with furniture, free accommodation for 4 years, can allow relatives and family members to stay, but must be under the immigration law of Thailand.
4. Provide a return on investment of 7% interest per year, tax-free interest. in which the income tax 15% of interest The project will be responsible for all
5. Privilege from the golf club project Lanna Golf Course The largest golf course in Chiang Mai, 24 holes with personal pros. For amateur players and those who want to play golf. There is a teaching promotion from start to play for free for 10 hours, worth 5000 baht for a full 1-year period.
1. 5岁精英卡,每1张权利1张
2. 意外险与领先保险公司合作的健康保险在一楼医院接受治疗在整个 4 年的时间里
3. 房子是2层2房联排别墅,生活面积150平方米,带家具,4年免费住宿,可以让亲戚和家人入住,但必须符合移民法泰国。
4. 提供每年7%的投资回报,免税利息。其中所得税15% 的利息该项目将负责所有
5. 高尔夫俱乐部项目特权兰纳高尔夫球场清迈最大的高尔夫球场,24 洞,配备个人职业球员。适合业余球员和想打高尔夫球的人。有从开始到玩 10 小时免费的教学推广,价值 5000 泰铢整整 1 年。
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